FATHER'S DAY (Simplicity Himself)

This record came about (look at that, I��m still calling them ��records��) when my friend Tom Newbill offered to pay for a rather expensive guitar renovation if I promised to record a collection of  (at least some of) my spiritual material - Tom realizing that, as the old song says, ��What the world needs now is��sweet����-  which is what I, with the help of my son (and, of course, Father) did. And now that it��s done I realize that this is essentially the record I would have made under any circumstances (for, indeed, ��What the world needs now is����) The cover photo was taken by Linda Ballew (who also did the graphics along with Mike Rocco) and the rather extensive layout was accomplished with the very generous (and timely) financial assistance of my friend Tim Warnisher who also talked me into (along with much prodding from Linda) typing the lyrics (a daunting task). Once it was done, however, I was glad I had listened to them so that you, in order to catch it all, wouldn��t have to be constantly listening to me.


Click on the underlined titles to hear a soundbyte:

1. Turn the Other Cheek 8. Beauty, Truth and Goodness
2. Now is the Hour 9. Astonished!
3. Parents/Children 10. Let Go A That Thing
4. Baggage 11. A Little Act of Love
5. I Need a Miracle 12. Love Smiles
6. Frame of Reference 13. Each Moment With Me
7. Relax 14. I Want to Sing
15. Talk to Him



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